All Write! – Our Students’ Stories

Last week, our high school equivalency students attended All Write!, an adult literacy program from Symphony Space. The live performance featured a selection of student works that were read by professional actors. Two of our students’ submissions were chosen, and it was a moving and memorable experience to have them read out loud, and performed by professional actors who brought their words to life. Hear Michel’s touching thank you here.

Learn more about Debi and Michel below:

Debi Jackson  “I am from Struggle”

I am from struggle
From Sherri and Thomas
I am from grandma’s kitchen
From soul food and Spanish food
I am from loud uncles and crazy aunts
From dancing cousins who I played tag in hallways and with trouble games
I am from old school songs
From Dear Mama and Real Love
I am from mother yelling stay out of trouble
I am from positive uncles
From telling me to stay positive
I am from negative people
From drug abuse, fights in the park
I am from loud radios and small TVs
I am from first avenue
From delis, drunks in the park
I am from strong traits
From giving, caring being tuff
I am from church
From Christian beliefs
I am from a single mother working two jobs
From baby sittin’ my brother and sister
I am from struggle
From being a single parent, working, and going to school
I am from I can’t give up
From my son needs me

Michel Regino – “I am from Mexico”

I am from Mexico
From little village and big cities
I am from conservative family
I am from family that likes to eat junk Mexican food – tacos, tortas, tamales, tostados, burritos, enchiladas, coca-cola, Jarritos, and pepsi-cola.
I am from: the enchilada Verdes – a traditional dish
I am from a father’s sense of humor which showed me to be a good man, who passed away last month – gracias papa
I am from a mother who always says estudia or you will be a donkey – I love you mama, you are right
I am from 80s music – the best music of all time
I am from the futbol soccer – more important than anything else is being coach of the National team – harder than el president de Mexico.
I am from where the wheel barrow is the principal tool in my house – la carretilla
I am from the house where we pray before eating and watch TV, after, like la familia Peluche y las Noticias con Jacobo.
I am from California where I have so many déjà vu moments because it’s so very similar to Mexico.
I am from the house with spirits and ghosts that always scare me
I am from the country that balances the dark with the good, joyful, and loving.
I am from New York City donde se disfruta los comunidades la multicultural de la gente where se puede realizar tos suenos y tu vetas trabajando duro where te subes al tren y uncafe por la manana sus luces por a noche and where the city that doesn’t sleep.
I am from the catolica familia

We look forward to participating in the program again next year!

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