#LPReads: Happy Dreams

David chooses Happy Dreams by Jia Pingwa as his summer staff read and says that summer reading reminds him of being carefree.

David Rothenberg, Assistant Director of Programs
Happy Dreams by Jia Pingwa

Why did you pick this book?
I happened to stumble upon it, and the story seemed interesting.

What is your favorite quote from this book? Why?
“Change what you can change, adapt to what you can’t change, put up with what you can’t adapt to, and let go of what you can’t put up with.”

What is your favorite memory of summer reading growing up – do you have an anecdote to share?
Summer reading as a child reminds me of what it was like to be comfortable and carefree, before all the worries that come with adulthood got in the way.

What does literacy mean to you – why is it important?
Literacy is the precursor to gaining a better understanding about life and about the world, even as both are steadily becoming more incomprehensible.

As the summer heats up, we’ve been busy reading – check out our staff picks:

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