The Emmy Award-Winning Series Helping Adults Learn English

While most students were on holiday over the summer, some of our most dedicated students continued to learn English through our We Are New York (WANY) conversation groups all across the city. We use the 10-part Emmy Award-winning education series developed by the Mayor’s Office and City University of New York to work with our students to improve their English and help them learn about city services. We’ve found that the series, which features common life scenarios, also inspires them to work together across cultural, linguistic and ethnic barriers to solve common problems.

With partnerships in the Bronx, Brooklyn, Manhattan and Queens and volunteer facilitators from all across the city, our students come together once a week over the summer to learn about topics like health, education, financial management and parenting. They spend class time sharing stories, learning about resources, supporting one another, and growing to become leaders within their communities.

WANY Class

Since starting the program, two students who have completed the conversation groups have continued to move forward by becoming trained facilitators.  We are delighted to see the impact of these conversation groups on individuals and communities alike, and look forward to continuing the program in the fall.

Of course, none of this would be possible without all of our amazing volunteer facilitators who work so hard to encourage our students and inspire them to come to class, especially when most people are on vacation!

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