A Community Approach

Literacy Partners provides a community-based, holistic approach to the students we serve. Alongside critical reading, writing and mathematics, all of our students study financial literacy and health literacy. Computer literacy instruction, as well as employment and postsecondary education counseling, are also available.

Core Programs

All students are placed into one of the following classes, based on their reading level.

Students who read between a 5th-8th grade level participate in our Pre-HSE program. Building on the skills learned in ABE, the curriculum instructs students in reading, writing, math, social studies and science.
Students prepare to take the high school equivalency exam. At the conclusion of the the curriculum, students participate in job readiness training.
Students are taught speaking, listening, writing, reading and grammatical structures in the English language while teaching them parenting skills and effective strategies for early childhood development.


Literacy Partners offers our adult literacy programs in Midtown, Manhattan and the South Bronx in collaboration with our community partners. Please contact us for more information.

All Literacy Partners programs integrate the following:

The Dow Jones Financial Literacy Program Financial LiteracyEconomics for Life is instrumental in helping students make wise decisions in today’s challenging economic environment. Instruction covers banking, credit, understanding a paycheck, and other skills needed to plan for a sound financial future.

Health Literacy healthlitrs
Our innovative health literacy curriculum provides real-world instruction on navigating the healthcare system. Health literacy teaches adults to read labels, to take medications safely, to be aware of potentially hazardous items, and to understand relevant health issues.

Job Readiness Preparation Job Readiness
This initiative helps students apply their literacy skills to obtain, retain and improve their employment. Job readiness focuses on topics such as job search strategies, resume writing, interviewing proficiency and dressing for success.