Your donation, at any level, can help Literacy Partners sustain and advance our mission until “Every adult can read this.” Thank you for your generosity.

  • $50: Books for one student
  • $150: One e-reader for our classrooms
  • $250: Helps put on a Life Skills Workshop
  • $1,000: Two semesters of classes for a student
  • $2,500: Training for over 150 volunteer tutors
  • $5,000: Allows students to experience real-world application of classroom skills
  • $10,000: Supports capacity-building efforts to bring technology into the classroom
  • $15,000: Rents one classroom for one year
  • $25,000: Funds educational resources and materials for an entire year

“Thanks to Literacy Partners…”

On behalf of all the students who benefit from the wonderful programs and services that Literacy Partners is able to offer because of your generosity, we thank you.

Thanks to Literacy Partners, we are not walking around in this world lost and looking for help. Thanks to the great teachers at Literacy Partners, we are better people — stronger women — continuing to educate ourselves every day. Literacy Partners has helped us believe that we each have a special and important place in this world.

We celebrate life today and everyday with hope that our accomplishments will help to lift someone else to get his or her education. Our stories and struggles may be unique to each of us, but we proudly acknowledge that we represent a much greater number of individuals whom you have helped by financially supporting the great work of the organization.

With gratitude and appreciation,

Doris Diaz, Charlene Harper