If you can imagine a world where all parents can read to their children, speak for themselves at doctor’s appointments, and understand subway signs, then we need you.


Associate Manager of Community Engagement & Support 
We are looking for an exceptional individual to organize student recruitment, expand and cultivate a network of health care providers, and build connection with our students. More information here

ESOL Teacher: English for Parents (online)
We are looking for an exceptional individual who will be responsible for teaching four adult ESOL classes, all virtually over zoom. This position is a member of a teaching team and will join our diverse, social justice-oriented team. More information here

Manager of Volunteers and Home Libraries (in-person and online)
We are looking for an exceptional individual who wants to develop skills and experience in non-profit volunteer management and two-generation approaches to literacy. More information here

Executive Director, Liz Smith Center for Adult & Family Literacy
We have a new opening for someone to lead our team in creating the conditions, organizing the resources, and facilitating the encounters that will enable parents to transform their lives through the power of literacy. More information here.