If you can imagine a world where all New York City parents can read to their children, speak for themselves at doctor’s appointments, and understand subway signs, then we need you.

By joining our diverse team, you’ll help us make our mission a reality.

Director of Institutional Giving

The Director of Institutional Giving will work to engage foundations, corporations, and government partners in the growth and sustainability of our national parent engagement and educational media program.

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Director of Parent Education

The Director of Parent Education will provide strategic guidance to our existing classes for parents, but the main focus of the position is to develop an innovative parent engagement program for Spanish-speaking parents that can be disseminated to programs across the country. The Director will also play a leading role in creating future content for English- or Spanish-speaking parents.

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Parent Group Facilitator

The Parent Group Facilitator will run several Latin parent groups in New York City. The group is to test different facilitation strategies to engage parents in children’s early learning and social emotional growth using the Univision-produced mini-series, La Fuerza de Creer 2, as the main content that parents view and discuss.

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