#LPReads: Room on the Broom

Michelle López, National Director of Parent Education

This summer Michelle is reading Room on the Broom by Julia Donaldson. Find out why she considers this a must read for all of those with children in their lives! 

Why did you pick this book? Why would you recommend it to others?

I HAVE to read this book 4-10 times a week to my twin nephews (2 years old.) For the children in your life, this book is fun to read and explore. The illustrations are lovely and we find some new detail each time we explore it. This book celebrates the magic of friendship.

What is your favorite quote from this book? Why?

“Is there room on the broom for a ______ like me?” “YES!” says the witch each time she is asked.

What is your favorite memory of summer reading growing up – do you have an anecdote to share?

My favorite summer reading memory is discovering cliff notes. It was a game changer for my summer reading experience. As a slow reader, summer reading was a struggle. Cliff notes complimented my summer reading and deepened my engagement- as a result I fell in love with Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein

What was your favorite summer reading book as a child?

Frankenstein by Mary Shelle

What does literacy mean to you – why is it important?

Literacy means communication. Being able to communicate and decode communication received, in effective and efficient ways, allows you to navigate the world confidently and strengthens your human connections.