#LPReads: Spearhead

David Rothenberg, Program Director

Who says that reading history has to be boring? David picked Spearhead for his summer reading and it has been an exceptional experience! 

Why did you pick this book? Why would you recommend it to others?

The way Adam Makos researches and writes about historical events featuring the people who lived through them makes for some of the most captivating, emotional, educational reading I have ever experienced.

What is your favorite quote from this book? 

Words can have all the power in the world or none at all. That’s up to you.”

What is your favorite memory of summer reading growing up – do you have an anecdote to share?

Honestly, my favorite memories of summer reading didn’t happen until my college years. I used to go over to my professor’s house, sit on his patio surrounded by trees and birds in a very comfy recliner, and read long into the afternoon. Wish I could return just one more time this summer.

What was your favorite summer reading book as a child?

Hardy Boys to John Grisham. Have never been able to get enough of stories about how law can be and is used to protect those in need.

What does literacy mean to you – why is it important?

Literacy helps open doors to our creativity and imagination while at the same time allowing us to enter the world of both fantasy and reality. Reading can be both our window to the larger world but can also be our escape.