La Fuerza de Creer: Advancing Family Literacy Through Telenovelas

This has been a truly beautiful message – there is a wonderful flow in this masterpiece that resonates very clearly in OUR REALITY…


Literacy Partners has launched a major new parent education program for Spanish-speaking parents, caregivers, and childcare providers called La Fuerza de Creer. Our goal is to promote children’s early learning, social-emotional growth, and school readiness.

The power of the telenovela series – which has reached nearly 1 million viewers – is the reliance on storytelling to help caregivers recognize the vital role they play as their child’s first teacher and inspire them with actions to positively impact their children’s brain development.

Literacy Partners amplifies the show’s themes with a community outreach program that meets parents where they are: at home, Head Start, pre-K, daycare and other early childhood education programs. We provide each site with a toolkit containing videos, learning materials, and a facilitator’s guide along with training and technical assistance to implement a series of educational workshops. 

The toolkit will also include a home library of age-appropriate bilingual children’s books for each participant to take home that will prompt them to interact with their child in ways discussed in the workshops. The workshop encourages adults to expose their child to more and richer oral language, printed text, and narrative story in the context of bonding with their child.

Critical to the program’s success is our use of a dual-generation intervention to literacy, empowerment of caregivers as experts on the needs of their children, and the view that bilingualism is a strength.

Watch the series promo.

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Stay tuned as the program continues to grow!